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Friday, May 14, 2010

Keepin' It Ninja

Wat up Fam, Fans, and future listeners!!! Sythe here. Been on that ninja tip keeping busy in the kitchen working on a few projects set for release this summer.

Just got the final masters for the new Azrael - Sythe Album "POCKET WATCH". 12 Tracks of fresh jazz hiphop. From Bigband samples to creepers. All Azrael lyrics are 100% improvised. No paper No Pen so as to stay true to the jazz format. Also got tons of live instrument solos threw out the album. Featuring cuts from Phonograff, Babie Paul, and DJ Booz. With emcee features from all ILL-Legitimate members (
Here's a video from Azzy's last album:

Also set to be released for free online download, P Butta's "Gotta Tick!?." A 10 Tracker from the Australian Emcee and his second release in a year. Peep the video shot by Alex

I'll make updates every week from now and until blogging is uncool. haha B SHARP YAH WACK BASTADS!!!!!!!!!

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