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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My interview with the Archivest


Brevner here, live from the big friggin' apple. Hope everythings gravy with you, and I wanna thank you for checkin' in on the b-sharp family! A couple weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Trevor "Archivest" Venos, a videographer from the Vancouver area who has interviewed the likes of Rza, RA the rugged man, Snoop, Three 6 mafia... and the list goes on. Usually his interviews are under 10 minutes in length, but I was fortunate enough to have a 20 minute interview! (2 parts)
If you wanna check it out, get a ticket to my train of thought, here are the links. The first video is me recapping on my last 3 years, and the second video is an exclusive look into projects that I've been workin on lately, such as the Bassnectar "wobble street" project ( for all you dub heads out there), the Hoodwinks project ( Fembot KAi and myself), and last but not least the Eclectricity project (my discographies second installment)


B-1 out.


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AY said...

Dope interview!

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