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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Welcome to the blog!

Whats good everybody? Welcome to the b-sharp blog! exclusive day to day updates from all things b-sharp. Therefore, first and foremost, lets introduce you to the crew if you are not already familiar.

Alex Yelizarov: Video / photography wiz kid / executive producer
you can check out soe of his work on his youtube page, right here

Chronic Sythe: Producer / MC / production manager for b sharp productions, as well as Van-city based hip hop crew, ILL-Legitimate.
you can check out some of his work here

Daniel Alvarado: An amazingly talent singer / songwriter / producer based out of Van City

you can peep some of his dope tunes here:

Mat "Coplecks" Gavreau: MC / Management for Dani

The Shottas: A retardedly talented Rap/ Rock/ Raggae group based outta Vancouver. You can check out there music here:
you can check out her tunes here:

Fembot: A singer/songwriter/producer based out of vancouver, with an amazingly eclectic grasp on a wide array of genres

Matt Brevner: MC / Producer / Engineer / promotions for b-sharp production house. you can check his shit out here:

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